GREEN BUFFALO RUNNER - Setting the Pace for a Greener Tomorrow
Green Race Certification

Since 2010, Green Buffalo Runner has been helping local runners, running clubs and race organizers keep sustainability top of mind.  Promoting your race as a green certified running event is as simple as agreeing to the principals outlined below. Green Buffalo Runner Certification.

. We pledge to promote and accept reservations to our event online.
  If absolutely required, paper needed for marketing and or registration
  purposes will be kept to a minimum.
· The contents of any race-related goodie bags will contain    
   items/giveaways keeping sustainability in mind.
· Attendees will be encouraged walk, bike ride or carpool to the starting
· All water stations will be equipped with paper (NOT PLASTIC) cups. 
  Attendees will also be encouraged to bring their own water bottle.
· Post-Race Party (Think green)
· Post-race trash will be collected and disposed of in a responsible

By simply agreeing to the principals outlined above, your race will receive our official Green Buffalo Runner certification and ……

. Promoted to our Green Buffalo Runner members.
· Become eligible for our 2017 Green Race of the Year award.


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