GREEN BUFFALO RUNNER - Setting the Pace for a Greener Tomorrow
Green Your Race

Making your race "greener" or hosting your own Green Buffalo Run is a great way to demonstrate your commitment towards a more sustainable future. 

We encourage interested runners, running groups and running stores that may have interest in learning more to contact us.

Unlike most organized runs held today, a Green Buffalo Run is unique in our no frills and ZERO IMPACT approach. Green Buffalo Runs are:
  • Promoted online (No paper registrations here)
  • Transportation Friendly (We encourage all attendees to walk, bike ride or carpool to the starting line)
  • Water Stations (All attendees of a Green Buffalo Run bring their own water/Gatorade bottle. Expect to be dehydrated if you don’t prepare in advance
    Some Athletes Reject High-Tech Sports Fuel In Favor Of Real Food
  • Post-Race Party (Think green)

Organize a Green Buffalo Run at Your School or Business:
A number of online resources detail the basics behind organizing a run. We have included links below. Folks at your local running store and or running clubs can also be very helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

What separates a Green Buffalo Run from typical races is our minimalist approach. Most races today generate huge amounts of waste, from signage, plastic race time chips, discarded paper cups, plastic water jugs, orange peels and empty yogurt containers. Ultimately this refuge is all wrapped up in plastic bags and packed off to landfills. Green Buffalo Runs EMPHASIZE a no frills approach.
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